Why wait until the very end of the day to experience the "best part" of skiing? For some, the best part of skiing is taking those darn ski boots off!

Now, thanks to the original, innovative and patent-pending LODGESOXX® design, you can experience the "best part" all day long, with each visit inside any lodge, anywhere on the mountain.

LODGESOXX are knitted SOXX™ with a rubberized sole and each pair comes with its own convenient, water-resistant bag.

LODGESOXX are the first in an original line of intra- and après ski footwear products designed to be the perfect mountain travel companion for skiers and riders of all ages. Now, for the first time in the history of skiing and snowboarding, you can take your cold, wet and uncomfortable boots off and be able to instantly walk anywhere inside your favorite lodge.
LODGESOXXEach pair of LODGESOXX has a unique, flexible sole that allows skiers and riders to instantly walk on a variety of indoor surfaces (wet carpets, rough areas and sandy floors) with ease and comfort. Leave your clunky ski and boarding boots by the fireside and slip on LODGESOXX over your socks or wear over your bare feet.

Your ski socks will be protected from the grime on the lodge floor as you wait in the food-court line, belly up to the bar, or dash down the stairs to the restroom.

Then, when you are finished lunching and lounging, slip off your pair of LODGESOXX and slide them back into their water-resistant bag. Throw the bag inside your ski pants or ski jacket pocket, or clip the bag around your leg -- and you are ready to hit the slopes again! The unique bag design allows you to not have to use valuable pocket space!


Slip your SOXX into the bag, clip the bag around your leg, and you are ready for more mountain fun!   

The water-resistant BAG is specially designed for a variety of ways to bring LODGESOXX on the slopes with you:

  1. Fold in half, slip into inside jacket pocket.*
  2. Fold in half, slip into outside jacket pocket.
  3. Fold in half, slip into snow pants pocket.
  4. Slide into snow pants pocket without folding in half.*
  5. Hang through inside jacket “hanging” tab.*
  6. Wrap around upper arm on outside of jacket.
  7. Wrap around outside of snow pants, just above boots.
    * SOXX stay warm when stored close to your body.


LODGESOXX features:

Portability: Take LODGESOXX with you all over your favorite mountain in its own water-resistant bag.

Protective Sole: The LODGESOXX protective, waterproof, full-coverage sole allows you the freedom to walk on wet carpets, rough areas, and sandy wet floors. Grab some lunch, visit your friends at the bar, or feel free to take a quick trip to the restroom. 
Easy to Wear: Slip on over your socks or wear over bare feet. Be sure to slide LODGESOXX completely on your foot for the best protection from dirty, rough and wet floors. 
Easy to Clean: Gentle machine wash in cold water and air dry. Keep SOXX™ clean for best gripping action.

*Use with caution on smooth, wet floors and wear with care near open flames*

Don’t Leave the Lodge without YOUR LODGESOXX!TM

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