SOXX for Trampolines

         Wicked Trick SOXX on the "tramps"!

Whether you're headed to Woodward at Copper or
to another gnarly trampoline and aerial training center, JUMPSOXX™ by LODGESOXX® are your best “tramp” buddy. LODGESOXX patent pending rubber-like sole will help you stick those landings as well as allow super big bouncing action with that "barefoot feel" on the tramps!

Experienced trampoline and aerial ski instructor Peter O'Brien says, “LODGESOXX are so much fun on the trampolines... They are super grippy on the gymnastics floor, the trampolines, and anywhere your feet end up in our 'Barn'.”

BUZZ from the Woodward Barn at Copper Mountain:
Giri Watts, the Woodward at Copper Head Coach said the following about our SOXX on the 'tramps':
“They work very well for spotting on the trampolines, adding grip and traction on the edge of the trampolines when you need it most. When campers/guests have good grip on their bounces toward the pit, there are fewer tendencies to throw their trick
early or drift, because they bounce ‘up’ first, instead of just going forward.”
From the Woodward Campers at Copper: 
-Extra grip makes a difference for bouncing and trying new tricks. 
-They also help with traction on the spring floor, and the slick concrete floors of the facility.
-They work well on the fly beds and the tumble track (black poly-bed).

New to the sport? Below, are some current “tramp” footwear options:
: Regular everyday and athletic socks can be dangerous on the smooth trampoline surface. Even some gymnastic socks with the “dots” on the sole, may not give the adequate gripping security that is needed for safe jumping. Some experiencedJUMPSOXX rebounders can recall slipping socks on so they could purposely slide across the top of the trampoline. Regular cotton socks also wear-out quickly with the constant landing on the strong and tightly woven tramp surfaces.

Sneakers: Sneakers can give proper foot and ankle support but don't allow your foot to bend properly so you can’t jump as high and you can’t feel the tramp underneath you. The inflexibility of a sneaker sole tends to wear out the surface of the tramp a lot quicker, especially if you are allowed to wear the same sneakers you just walked into the facility with. Imagine all the things your sneaker soles pick up walking in from the parking lot!

Bare Feet: Your feet come equipped with a natural non-slip sole. Jumping bare-footed can help strengthen your foot muscles that otherwise would not be used while wearing shoes. But, do you want to be walking on surfaces where everyone is shoeless? Once you are hit with the smell of feet in these fun facilities, you may ask yourself “How often are the tramps cleaned, disinfected or deodorized?” We all have different hygiene standards. Walking around on surfaces where a variety of people have been both jumping and sweating (great aerobic activity) in their bare feet is rather gross! If you accidentally cut the bottom of your foot on the tramp – total bacteriatopia!  


With our patent pending design, JUMPSOXX by LODGESOXX stitched upper with a gripping, flexible sole, allow you to feel the subtle changes in the surface of the trampoline which makes it easier to adapt and quickly react to changes in your bouncing pattern. Jumping with our SOXX on your feet can not only help strengthen your foot muscles but also provide the right amount of sole protection with each tramp landing. JUMPSOXX provide the non-slip grip of a shoe with the flexibility and security that come with barefoot rebounding.

Sizes: Select a size for a secure fit over your foot. To adjust the fit, wear another pair of socks underneath, if necessary. Please visit the SOXX Sizes page for details.

    Machine Washable in Cold Water. Air Dry Only.
    Material Content: Cotton, Nylon, Lycra.
    Rubberized Sole: Specially Designed for Gripping the Trampoline.
    For Best Grip, Keep Your SOXX™ Soles Clean!

** Trampoline jumping is a high risk activity. Please always use caution and keep safety in mind.
Proper footwear is essential, but does not guarantee safety. **


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