So very versatile! Bring SOXX with you everywhere.

"YOU’RE IT!!” How many times have you said that to family and friends growing up? Back then, it was most likely screamed during a chaotic game of tag. But now that you are older, it most likely means you are now the poor sap stuck to do a less-than-fun task.

If you are an avid skier or snowboarder, the first thing you want to do after tearing it up all morning long all over your favorite mountain resort is to walk quickly into the lodge and find the closest available seat, so you can be the first to take your boots off and proudly exclaim to your ski and boarding buddies, “NOT IT!!” But, are you the actual “winner” in this scenario?       
If you think about it, once you take your boots off, you are completely limited in your freedom to move about the lodge. Basically, you become a one-person island. After all, who wants to walk around in socks -- or worse yet, bare feet (gross!) -- on sandy, cold and damp floors? You can’t grab your favorite snack, belly up to the bar, or even visit the restroom, all because you have no easily accessible, comfortable protection for your feet; until now!
LODGESOXX Founding partners Meredith Milliken and Andrea Goldman for years skiing on their beloved Vermont mountain resort, played the “YOU’RE IT/NOT IT!!” game, until one day, after claiming victory and staring at her feet warming by the fireside, a lightning bolt popped into Meredith’s head: why isn’t there a product that allows us to take off our boots and move around freely? This thought led Meredith on a quest to develop a lightweight, protective sock so it’s easy for everyone to walk on a variety of indoor surfaces: wet carpeting, cold, rough surfaces, and sandy floors any time throughout your day without having to keep your boots on. Thus, LODGESOXX® was born!

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But there was a small problem. As with many of us skiers and riders, we begin the day at one “base” lodge, have a mid-morning snack at another lodge (usually at the summit), ski over to the total opposite side of the mountain to another lodge for lunch and a libation, then head out one last time for more snow fun, then back to our favorite après ski lounge in the base lodge. In the end, we designed a water-resistant bag to allow LODGESOXX to be completely portable and the perfect travel companion to any skier or snowboarder.

 "With LODGESOXX, I can now comfortably walk down the wet stairs to the bathroom at the summit lodge, past people who struggle in their boots not to fall down! I could easily walk with my tray of food as everybody else 'clopped around' with their boots on. Plus, my feet and legs felt much more refreshed than if I left my boots on the entire time we were in the lodge.” Jeff at OKEMO, VT





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