The world’s best travel slipper is a pair of SOXX™!

"We have found LODGESOXX to be an essential item to pack on any trip. We don’t take our shoes off on the plane as we don’t want to touch our feet to the floor – and we don't like the flimsy travel socks the airlines give you to wear. Now, we have LODGESOXX which are perfect.” Marty and Starr, NY

Love to travel?
It’s tough to do these days with all of the imposed safety regulations, added baggage fees, and limited (or more like non-existent) meal options. Nowadays, air travel has become increasingly more of a necessary nuisance – something that is tolerated but not necessarily enjoyed.

Want the comforts of home?
On a plane?! It doesn’t seem possible. Maybe for the lucky few in first/business class. But for the lot of us who travel in coach, the airlines want to pack us in like cattle. The space between seats has shrunk and the niceties that were once expected – such as pillows, blankets, magazines – have all gone with the wind. But, now with LODGESOXX®, you can have first class feet, even if you are sitting next to the bathrooms!

TRAVELSOXXEnjoy air travel again with LODGESOXX®!
No matter where you go, LODGESOXX are always ready for any fun vacation or business related travel. Simply take your pair of LODGESOXX out of its convenient carrying bag, and easily slip on over your socks. Need to walk through the security checkpoint area and don't want to stand around in your barefeet as you wait to be scanned? Need to stand up and stretch your legs on the plane or train? Need to use the scary airplane bathroom? With LODGESOXX patent pending design and protective, lightweight, rubber sole, even trips to the bathroom are stress-free no matter where your seat is located. Then, just before you de-plane, slip your LODGESOXX off and slide them into their bag so you can keep all floor germs and plane grime away from your clean clothes. Clip the bag to your purse strap or around the outside of your luggage -- your pair of LODGESOXX will not take up any valuable packing space. If you do travel in first/business class, you probably received the airline’s version of their travel slipper. And if you walked into the bathroom with these “special” slippers (the ones with the dotted soles) during your flight, you probably found out the hard way that those soles are not waterproof -- nothing worse than wearing wet socks!

From airport security-to-airport restroom-to an easy walk directly on the plane with LODGESOXX!
Avoid foot diseases while standing in the security check line in your barefeet and prevent injuries while walking through the security areas in your regular cotton socks! Click the links below for the latest airport safety information:

CNN reports: "Researchers list top 10 airports for spreading disease." 

WebMD feature article: "Shoes: New Airport Health Hazard. Taking your shoes off at airport security checkpoints exposes your feet to fungus and injury." 

    • LODGESOXX can be worn on any indoor surface: wet carpets, rough areas, sandy floors and bathroom tile.
    • LODGESOXX are perfect around your house, in your hotel room; basically any indoor facility.
    • LODGESOXX are easy to wear and easy to care (machine washable).
    • Upper: Cotton, Nylon and Lycra
    • Sole: A special lightweight rubber for LODGESOXX       


 There is a pair of LODGESOXX for everyone in your family.

  Portable. Protective. Dependable. Fun! LODGESOXX®

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